Danger Of Wearing High Heels To Our Body


It is OK to be fashionable, At least you can express your self freely. However, There are times when too much fashion can badly hurt you. One great  example of this includes your favorite shoes. In this article we will discuss the danger of wearing high heels to our body.

What is the Danger of Wearing High Heels ?


High heels is dangerous
danger of wearing high heels

Most beauty pageant contestants were always required to wear these high-heels and stilettos during their practices and events.  Unfortunately, some contestants and ramp models often fall-off the stage because of these accidents. Aside from that there are a numerous danger being imposed to women who loves these type of shoe trend.

Doctors do not recommend wearing high heels because of the risks it imposes to the human body. Wearing these kind of shoes might put too much stress on our feet.

The danger it imposes it that it puts too much stress on the bones on the feet called metatarsal bones and onto the balls of the feet. The reason is that it transfers all the weight of the body to this tiny bones on the feet and it is more often than not, the best pick for weight support. In severe cases, these bones drop and results to weakening the surrounding ligaments and results to a condition called metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia happens when the ball of the foot becomes inflamed and painful. It also gives your feet a high risk for bunions, or the deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. These changes are observed by doctors under the PedCAT scanner to get instant results.


How Do I Prevent These ?

They said prevention is better than cure and in fact,  we highly believe in that. So if you want to prevent the danger of high heels, never ever wear it again.

A 3D scanner called PedCAT is used for scanning the feet of high-heel wearers and it can capture an image of the feet in just a matter of 60 seconds while the subject comfortable sits on top of the machine. The PedCAT helps doctors get a better look inside the feet of wearers and give an in-depth explanation on the horrible effects and dangers being put up when wearing high heels. It could get 3D images in a matter of minutes and render images skin-deep underneath and through the bones.