Cat Miraculously Rescued Alive After Being Swallowed By A Giant Snake


Snakes or serpents have been a great enemy of men that can be traced back to the story of the Bible. They were even cursed to be deprived of legs and would forever crawl the earth and will always bite the leg of its victim, and if it’s a poisonous snake, it might also cause his death. And this family of reptiles is one of the most featured beasts to be set to a film like Anaconda, etc.

On this video, the attention of rescuers is called to action in order to capture this huge reptile in a certain household. While trying to catch this snake, you will see the its irregular shape, noting that it might have swallowed something big and is now being readily digested in its long body.

When the snake was brought outside the house, it required three men to hold and lift this huge reptile, and on the background is a sound of wailing and crying. While filming this incident, they tried to induce vomit where the snake will try to let out whatever creature it swallowed.

And to everybody’s surprise, an adult brown animal came out of the mouth of this snake. And this might be the reason of the wailing and crying a while ago, that this animal who had been swallowed was a pet of the owner of the house. And it has been too unfortunate that the snake chose this poor animal as its victim for its meal for the day.

We cannot tell whether this snake is also a pet or not, but one thing is certain in this video. That snake is not for safe keeping unless it is well locked or kept separately from your main house. And may we be extra careful in looking after our dear pets in the household.

Nilamon ng malaking ahas ang pusa, pero ang pusa, nabuhay.

Nilamon ng malaking ahas ang pusa, pero ang pusa, credit to owner.

Posted by Trend Ngayon on martes, 10 de octubre de 2017