Carlo Aquino , Angelica Panganiban Spotted on a Romantic Date Together ?


Fans especially the ones born in 90’s could not believe after a video went viral showing Carlo Aquino and Angelica Panganiban were caught having a date in a restaurant. Watch the following video and see for yourselves.

It was during their teenage years when Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino became an on and off screen couple particularly during “G-mik” days. Their relationship lasted for 6 years but remained good friends until now.

After so many years, Angelica and Carlo were caught dating in a restaurant, will there be a chance for us to see them as a couple?

Before we go to their personal lives, Carlo Aquino disclosed the news that there is a big possibility for him and Angelica to have a project together which would probably a comeback of their loveteam on big screen.

“May mga script na pinapadala. Kapag tuloy na tuloy na, kami muna, tapos kayo na ‘yung next na makakaalam,” Kapamilya actor told ABS-CBN News.

Carlo also added that he is receiving a lot of offers after the success of his comeback movie as leading man co-starring Bella Padilla in “Meet Me In St. Gallen”.

Going back to the viral video, it seemed that Carlo really is with Angelica Panganiban but along with their friends who continuesly tease the two during the time when Angelica is giving Carlo a signed book which she wrote about ‘Ex-relationships’.

To answer the question of the possibility of rekindling their relationship, both parties answered that they are open with new relationships afterall, they are both single this time.

However, not very soon for Carlo Aquino as he just recently broke up with most recent girlfriend.

On a brighter note, we can now openly expect to see these two on the big screen in one of these days.