Call Center Agent Makes Public Scandal Inside Jeepney , Netizens Are now Angry


On the common adage, they say that the Customer is always right. On the grounds of they are the one who is paying for the services and the goods, they are the source of the money to make the industry go around. But in which part does the service provider will come in? Would it not be that they actually have more power over the consumers or what they call the Customer?

This morning a video was uploaded about a stolen video of a public commute in a jeepney and there has been an argument among passengers and the driver. The driver was trying to explain that he just wanted to follow traffic rules and asked kindly to sit loser to each other to give way to other passengers.

The other passengers tried to defend the driver and hit against the problem passenger, who answered back that the “Customer is always right” that angered other passengers telling him that they cannot be always right.

They even questioned each other’s education because he behaved rudely, even their place of work. They have been throwing remarks toward each other and cussing each other. Even a man passenger challenged the man at fault to go down the jeepney and they fight, but the man refuses, so the man said he would wait for him the moment he alighted the jeepney and there they will fight.

source: FB
source: FB
source: FB

Several netizens disapproved of the at fault passenger and even bashed him online, if they could have captured the face of the man, it might have received hate comments for being rude and disrespectful. Some even suggested that he would rudely behave in such, he should buy his own car or book an Uber or Grab ride. Truly, any form of disrespect is something that is unforgiveable, because respect begets respect.

Eksena kaninang umaga sa e-jeep Ito si kuya sa unahan nagagalit sa driver kasi hindi sa harapan nya itinigil yung e-jeep na naging reason para maglakad sya ng mga 5steps para dun sa unahan makaupo .. ayan tuloy nag init ulo ng ibang mga pasahero sa kanya. Hindi lahat ng Customer/pasahero TAMA!!! At wag mong pagalitan si kuya driver dahil nagtatrabaho sya ng maayos.

Posted by Val Cordial on Thursday, February 15, 2018

May this serve as a learning experience to fellow commuters. What do you think?