BEWARE: Hidden Camera Found in Screws Installed in Comfort Rooms


Netizens are alarmed as this post surfaces online.

For the past few years, the development in technology skyrocketed and we can’t prevent this because innovation in electronic gadgets and equipment benefit everyone. Imagine, just within ten years, cell phones have become smart phones and everything becomes thinner and handy making one single gadget all-in-one.

hidden camera as a screw
beware if this hidden camera disguises as a screw

Despite the improvement in electronic gadgets in terms of size, some took advantage for their own benefit or maybe for them to earn a living much easier. One post in facebook alarmed people with how hidden cameras are now installed and by how tiny they have become – so tiny that even our own naked eye won’t be able to notice it.


screw as hidden camera
Beware in using public comfort room

The said hidden cameras are of the size of a small screw which can be installed anywhere. As in anywhere and if you’re imagination takes you far beyond to where it can be installed, it may come into your mind that these screws can be placed in comfort rooms and toilet cubicles.

As mentioned by the person who discovered these cameras, he’s warning everyone especially the women to be vigilant when using the toilet because these hidden cameras could be used by perverts to blackmail you or worst post your videos online.

Let’s raise awareness among the public and feel free to share this to your loved ones.