Beautiful Teen Dies After Drinking This Energy Drink


Energy drinks usually boost our energy and to help us survive the tiring day. Different to what most know about energy drinks, this kind of drinks can also take away lives just what happened to this teen in US. Know the story by watching the following report.

The death of 16-year-old Lanna puzzled her loved ones since she never been seriously sick in her lifetime and was known to be a very healthy and active individual. She’s an outgoing girl and loves to be in outdoors with friends but no one expected that her trip in Mexico on 2014 was her last.

In 2014, Lanna went to Mexico with her friends and family. They were enjoying the beach that time until Lanna felt chest pain and was not able to breathe normally. She was rushed to the nearest clinic but was instantly declared dead due to heart attack.

Upon knowing Lanna’s cause of death, all of her loved ones are bewildered how the healthy and active teenage girl died from heart attack. Later, Lanna’s mother thought the last moment she saw her daughter alive. She recalled that her daughter was dehydrated and took bottles of energy drinks to quench her thirst. She remembered that before Lanna lost her consciousness she finished a bottle of Red Bull.

It was revealed that Lanna’s cause of death might be triggered by the energy drinks she took. According to experts, energy drinks contain high level of caffeine and in taking too much caffeine in the body may cause changes in heart rhythm and increase in blood pressure.

The story behind Lanna’s death is shared to the public by her mom in order to raise awareness among parents and children the harm of consuming too much energy drinks.

Upon knowing Lanna’s story, we hope that you would think twice before opening your second bottle of energy drink.