Beautiful Lady Shares Her Encounter With A Sleepy 70 Yr Old Taxi Driver


If there will be an instance that a taxi cab tells you to go out from his cab and find another one because he feels sleepy, what would you do? Take this following story as
an inspiration.

Christina Tan went on Facebook to share her experience of becoming a taxi driver for the first time due to unforeseen circumstance. Christina shared her encounter with a 70-year-old taxi driver on facebook.

On her way home, Christina rode in an old man’s taxi. However, immediately, the taci driver refused to take her home and suggested to just look for another cab as he was feeling very sleepy.

Thinking that it would be quite impossible for her to find a new cab to ride home, she just decided to go behind the wheels and told the driver to be her passenger until they reach Christina’s home.

According to Christina, the experience behind the wheels as a taxi driver was pretty much exciting since commuters they passed by looked puzzled to see a woman driving a cab. Not to mention, its driver resting on the passenger seat and snoring during his sound sleep.

When Christina reached her home, she woke up the driver and had a bit of talk with him. She found out that the driver started driving a cab way back during the Marcos regime. He could not retire very soon due to his responsibilities as a father to his children which are all females.

With this post, many netizens lauded Christina for coming up with such a witty decision and for being so kind and setting aside her rights as a commuter which she can always impose anytime.

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source: facebook