Beautiful Actress Krista Ranillo and Hows Life Today


Krista Ranillo had come from a family of actors and actresses, starting from her parents, Matt Ranillo III and Linda Tupaz, and her grand parents, Matt Ranillo Sr. and Gloria Sevilla. So showbiz controversies are not new to Krista and she already know how to handle it well.

In 2009, she faced her greatest intrigued, when she was rumored to have an affair with the Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, but the issue definitely died down.

At present, she is married to Ninno Jeff Lim and settled in the US. The couple was blessed with four children, and last February 5, 2017, their youngest, Nash Archibald was welcomed to the Christian world.

It might have been a total adjustment having four kids and Krista shared on her account, “I know sometimes it’s a little too much because I feel like I can’t breathe with four young kids, but I try to remind myself to enjoy them while they’re little.”

Being a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur is really a handful, but Krista is still blessed and thankful for her wonderful kids. Her eldest son, Nate Jacob turning 6, loves to model and entertain guests through his acts, and he might have had the blood of a showbiz star. Unlike her second son, Nolan Jayden (4) total opposite of his brother, who is shy and avoids the camera. Their daughter is a charm and the candy of parties for being sociable, Natalie Lourdes is turning three this year.

Her husband is a CEO of a supermarket in California bearing the name, Island Pacific, and the supermarket chain is continuously growing in California as she updates on her social media account. She leads a quiet and peaceful life, and is a hands-on mom to her kids as she drives her kids for school.

In 2012, she took a baking and pastry course because she felt too overwhelmed having two sons who are a year apart. So to have a time for herself, she immersed herself in an activity she enjoys.

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