Banana : If You Eat 2 Of This Fruit Everyday, This Will Happen To Your Body


Eat 2 Bananas Everyday and This Will Happen To You

Bananas probably the most common fruit in most parts of the world. In the local market or even in the grocery, Bananas are the most common in almost anywhere. With the number of apples and oranges combined, most people still eat more than the number of the mentioned fruits making Bananas an all-time favorite. But little did we know that these sweet, yellow, and elongated mushy-textured fruit possessed a lot of vitamins and nutrients that our body could benefit with very much.

Even though there has been a lot of new fruits and berries introduced in the market for consumption, bananas are still a lifelong favorite and is certainly a super-food. These tropical fruits are natural sources of vitamins, fibers, and sugars that are good for the body. Glucose and Sucrose are the sugars that our body needs, and that’s why many experts recommend for bananas to be included on our breakfast or every after meal. While many throw these fruits away soon as they grow dark, brown spots on its skin, it is not recommended to do so. While many mistaken for it to be a sign that it’s starting to rot, these are actually signs that is ripening even more. These dark brown to black spots that grew larger on the skin of bananas are TNF or Tumor Necrosis Factor. And the more that spots grew larger and appear more in number, the higher the TNF.

So what does TNF do? TNF is a great cancer-fighting agent that are against the development of abnormal cells. It also serves as a great communicator between nerves and cell ports, aiding its circulation inside the body. TNF also increases the white blood cells and strengthens our immune system.

With that being said, eating two bananas a day happens to keep the doctor away more than apples do. Bananas, rich with vitamins, help decrease heartburn, constipation and ulcers. It also helps people with anemia develop more iron in their blood and provides ease of production of the red blood cells. Aside from that, bananas can also diminish the risk of depression because it is packed with tryptophan that is converted into Cirotiden when ingested and is responsible into the production of happiness-boosting nutrients, which also reduces stress. Bananas can also help lower the body temperature and help calm the nerves during PMS.