Badjao Girl Big Transformation Morena to Heaven White Skin


Netizens were all shocked after they notice the big transformation of Badjao Girl skin color. “She looks so tisay na ” comment by one of the netizen.

Who wouldn’t know this beauty that exudes innocence that was captured by a camera lens during the Pahiyas Festival in Lucena. Her photo went viral that opened opportunities for her to be discovered and to be featured in the internet.

Rita Gabiola, who is now 14 year old was famous being called the “Badjao Girl”, because of her viral photo, it gave her the opportunity to be one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother. Rita had a tough life, her family was from Zamboanga and to try their luck, they went to Manila, until her father decided to stay in Lucena.

It was in the month of May when the Pahiyas Festival was being celebrated, and since it is summer vacation, Rita took this chance to beg for alms on the streets as a way of earning money from the family. It is noted that the family belonged to below the poverty line, her mother is a housewife and her father only works as a fisherman. Supposedly she will be entering Grade 7 before she was discovered, unfortunately due to lack of financial support, continuing school becomes elusive.

At present, on her recent Instagram posts, you will see the transformation of this innocent beauty, she participated in the Ms. United Nation of their school wearing an Egyptian costume that highlighted her beauty and she won Best in Costume.

It is not too late for her transformation. Rita continued her studies and she received a scholarship from Kapamilya foundation and some benevolent sponsors to help her family to start a livelihood.Check her photos and be in awe to her beauty. What do you think?



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