Baby Born Deaf Hears Mommy For the Very First Time “Nakakaiyak ang Reaksiyon Nya”


This very touching video of a baby born deaf has gone viral and has reached more than 12 million in just three days after it was uploaded. Haven’t encountered this video yet on your feed? Thank us later and watch the said viral video below.

We are lucky to be born with sense of hearing because without it, we won’t be able to experience the beautiful harmony of life. In today’s generation, we can say that we are blessed enough to experience the improvement in our technology wherein deaf can already hear through hearing aids.

In connection with this, this baby went viral after hearing the voice of his mother through the help of a hearing aid.

According to the baby’s mother Christy Keane, she never imagined that her video only intended to be viewed by her loved ones would go very viral but because the video was very touching and promoted good vibes, its viewers multiplied and reached various news sharing websites.

In her interview, Christy told that she can’t put to words how happy she was when she saw her baby’s reaction the moment her baby heard her voice. Although her child could not understand anything yet, Christy believed it was their hearts that were talking that time.

“That connection in our eyes at that moment I can’t even put into words because it was unexplainable… I know she was feeling what I was feeling in my heart at the same time,” Christy Keane said.

Christy also revealed on her interview with WAVY.COM that she never encountered deaf person in her life until her daughter. Now, Christy is trying to learn more about deafs and how they communicate through sign language.

The hearing aid used by Christy’s daughter was given for free through the Virginia Hearing Aid loan bank in coordination with the baby’s doctor.