“ANINO NG DRAGON ” Terrifies Man Inside Trinoma Mall


Nowadays, there’s no such thing as a safe place. That danger will always be lurking nearby waiting to attack its prey. Are we prepare to handle it?

This video shared by a netizen happened in one of the comfort rooms of Trinoma, Ayala Malls in Quezon City. The netizen is trying to loose some bowel.

He noticed that someone else is moving on the other side of the cubicle, and he noticed that there’s a ‘dragon’ like image on the shadow of the other user of the cubicle.

The netizen is going suspicious but he has other personal business to attend, but things went crazy when he noticed that the other man is trying to insert his other foot in the other cubicle. That’s why he started filming the situation.

Seconds later the man tried to reach for the netizen’s leg but the netizen tried to shove him away. He even got the guts to show his face and he was caught on cam. The man was on his knees, and he tried to reach again for the legs of the netizen and even showed a lewd gesture that offended the netizen and he told him that he has been filming him, and he threatened that he will upload it on Facebook. And the man has come to his senses that he immediately fixed himself and ran away from the comfort room.

The netizen tried to stay inside the cubicle for a while, for fear that he might be guarded and might he might see the man waiting for him  outside and something bad might happen.

At first, you may find the video hilarious but on the other end, this has been a very alarming case. That harassment doesn’t spare no one, aside from the women, the gay people also experiences this kind of harassment. That some perpetrators still have some confidence of doing it in public unmindful of the consequences this might lead them.

This shall serve a lesson to everybody to be alert, careful and vigilant at all times.

source: Facebok

Cram Jannchael V. Pacifico 发布于 2017年7月25日