Andrea Brillantes, AC Bonifacio Dance Showdown Goes Up To The Next Level


We have featured several dance videos of Andrea Brillantes and AC Bonifacio before and we can say that they’re both dedicated in their craft. What if opportunity comes where they can share the same dance floor? Who do you think would stand out?

Andrea vs AC dance showdown
source: Youtube

This video of Andrea Brillantes and AC Bonifacio rehearsing in the GForce dance studio gained thousand views from curious netizens wanting answer as to who would stand out between the two. The video only lasted for few seconds yet this span of time is already enough to know who performed better.

Honestly, the result is very much expected. Clashing Andrea Brillantes and AC Bonifacio is like battling a defending champion to a contender. For this case, the defending championed retained her crown. However, we are not giving the idea that Andrea Brillantes is a no-match and to tell you frankly, she gave off beyond our expectation.

Most of the time, AC caught our attention with her very smooth and graceful moves while Andrea at some times stole the spot light to AC for giving a taste of sexiness to the performance. It’s like watching two people dancing with different styles but of the same choreography.

Same with us, netizens also thought that AC stood out and found Andrea as a good contender.

As of this writing, this video has reached 12.9K views in just 2 days proving that these young idols are truly news and trend setters.