Ancient Civilization Revealed Something About The Moon “MAG IIBA TINGIN MO SA BUWAN MATAPOS MO MAPANUOD ITO”


There are proofs that ancient civilizations talked about the time before the moon arrived. Yes, you heard it right. The moon might just be artificial and created not by God but by humans or some kind of civilization that have a more advance technology. Watch the following video to know more about the hidden facts about the moon.

Youtube channel Bright Insight, disclosed on one of his recent videos the secrets that some organization hid about the moon like the moon contains radioactive materials and that it is hollow.

For elaboration, according to the video, there is a big possibility that the moon produces rare radioactive minerals such as uranium, a mineral that is used in nuclear power plants to produce electricity. The said material was discovered through secret expeditions to the moon and surprisingly can be found miles away from where the first man landed on the moon — somewhat proves that organizations did explore the moon without announcing to the public.

It’s not new that some knew the moon is hollow. However, if you’re not familiar about it, conspiracy theories cycle online about the possibility that the moon is hollow since some astronauts who had been on the moon heard a bell-like sound when a heavy object hit the moon. The shallow craters of the moon can also be pointed out to prove it since the moon is hallow no deep craters were discovered on the surface of the moon.

More to the odd discoveries about the moon, others computed the ratio of the diameter moon to the distance of the earth versus of that of the sun results to 108. A known value related to the structures possibly created by aliens here on earth. The perfect ratio and revolution of the heavenly bodies when you think about it is weird especially when solar eclipse take place. It’s not really a coincidence why the moon despite its size can cover the surfcae of the sun when observed here on earth. It’s like everything was perfectly engineered.

Upon watching the video, do you now think the moon is still what you think it is? Let us know what’s on your mind by dropping your comments below.