” Am I Acidic? “, Here Are Signs and Ways on How To Fix Acidity


Am I Acidic ?

Although acid is  very important in our body, specially in digestion,  too much acid is very dangerous to our health. In fact, according to some experts, having too much acid is one factor in getting many illnesses and diseases. Study revealed that cancer cells is more likely to grow in an acidic body.


How Can I Know If I’m Acidic ?

Acidity is determined via body’s PH level ( Potential of Hydrogen scale ). The lower the PH level means the blood is more acidic. The higher Your PH the more basic you are. 7.4 is the Normal PH of our body. According to American Association of Clinical Chemistry PH level that is 7.3 or less is considered Acidosis.

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What is Acidosis

When our body fluid contains too much acid, this is known as acidosis. This occurs when  our vital organs such as kidney and lungs cannot maintained normal PH balance. There are two types of Acidocis, the metabolic acidosis and the respiratory acidosis.

“There are two type of acidosis , The Respiratory and the metabolic”

What are the signs and symptoms

Our body is one great indicator of our own health. If we just listen carefully to what our body is trying to tell  us, we can easily see if their is something wrong with our body. Here is the signs and symptoms of Acidosis.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Respiratory Acidosis

headache, gets tired easily, shortness of breath , confusion , sleepiness, and  fatigue
Common Signs and Symptoms of Metablic Acidosis

fatigue, rapid and shallow breathing, lack of appetite, Jaundice , excess weight , muscle pain, fruity smelled breath , weak bones, headache, confusion , heartburn and an abnormal increase of heart rate

Here are a few tips to help you fix acidosis:

Health Plan to Prevent and Fix Too Much Acid in Our Body

Remove Acidic Foods. “You are what you meet ” too much acid in your diet will make you more acidic.

Drink Plenty of Water. Normally the water is a great neutralizer. But be careful, some studies found that purification of water turns water into acid

Check PH Level. It is better to monitor your PH level

Lose the remote. Get up to change the channel! And while you’re up grab some weights for a set of bicep curls or shoulder presses. You can work through a full strength training routine in an hour if you do a set during each commercial.

Eat Green Leafy Vegetables. Green leafy vegetables and most fruits, tofu , soybean , some nuts, seeds and legumes are alkaline promoting food

Minimize Processed Food. Research says that processed food are acid promoting foods

No More Soda. Instead of drinking soda, which is very bad to your health. Why don’t you try to replace it with herbal teas.

Try Coconut Milk. Coconut milk is a good in preventing acidity

In this short article, you learned the signs and symptoms of  being acidic as well as the ways on how to prevent and fix it.