Abandoned 11 Year Old Girl Suffers Serious Injury While Playing, Guess Who’s There To Rescue


n today’s generaton, we seldom see siblings who are always in good terms because some little things create arguments between them. Meanwhile, here are two siblings from China who are all by themselves and the younger one takes care of his older sister.

Meet Zhao Wenjing and Zhao Wenhui, the siblings who touched a lot of hearts and made a lot of people realized the importance of being selfless for your sister or brother.

This photo of Wenjing and Wenhui went viral for showing the selflessness of Wenjing for his sister, Wenhui. The photo was taken in a hospital in China where Wenhui was rushed because of head injury after she was playing with her brother.

Because the two children wete abandoned by their parents, Wenjing was the one who brought his sister in the hospital and in the photo, the young man was caught whispering something to his sister. He told her:

“Sister, don’t cry anymore. Our parents don’t care about us. I will take care of you. You will be fine. If you are strong, I will buy you candy.”

Reports say that the siblings’ father is working in South China and has not returned for many years while their mom later left them without any reason. The children are trying to survive their daily life through small monthly allowance.

After the photo went viral, many netizens were touched by their story and tried to help them by donating some amount. Donations served a much better purpose since Wenhui was later diagnosed with a tear in her kidney and need to undergo operation.

The donations helped Wenhui to undergo the operation she needed.

The story of Wenjing and Wenhui truly reflects the true essence of a family, despite having no parents to guide and nurture them as they grow up.

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