7 Year Old Pinoy Kid Brings Baby Brother To School , The Reason Makes Everyone Cry


To those who are privileged, we often take our studies for granted because we know that our parents will always be on our side to support us no matter what. Taking the other side of the story, children who are raised below the poverty line consider education only as a dream.

Most children living below the poverty line has given up education and exchanged their very own dream to finish their studies to work so they can help with their family’s expense. Well, not for this 7-year-old kid.

7-year-old Justin became an instant celebrity after his photo carrying his 1-year-old brother went viral. The story behind the photo was revealed by his teacher who uploaded it.

According to Ma’am Lei, Justin does not want to skip class so he decided to just bring with him his little brother since no one will watch over his sibling at home as his grandmother went out to work in the farm. Here is the translation of the photo’s caption:

“I don’t want to be absent, ma’am. I will carry my one-year-old brother here because my grandmother has to work in the farm and no one will take care of him.”

It was not just the photo that astounded the netizens but they way Justin explained the reason why he brought his little brother in school showing the young man’s maturity despite his young age.

Many netizens expressed their amazement and how they were moved by Justin’s gesture. They commended the child for knowing his responsibilities as a brother and as a student. Everyone wished him all the success he deserves.

source: FB
source: FB

Meanwhile, other netizens pointed out the privileged kids in the country who chose to go against the government instead of studying.

Justin is currently studying in a public school located in Salvacion village in Sorsogon.