5 People With The Most Unique Skin Color



The world embraces the beauty of individual differences. Humans are given individual and innate talents that makes them unique from any other people. But some do not usually embrace people who are “different” from them, and thus became a major cause of bullying. However, there are a few individuals in this planet that made it big for being different and having unique skin color. Here are the top 5 people who stood up differently in their own unique and beautiful way:

NASTYA ZHIDKOVA Dubbed as the most beautiful albino. Nastya suffers a congenital disorder called albinism. It results into a lack of melanin production in the body, making the skin appear paler and lacking color. It also makes the hair and eyes appear paler and whiter than usual as a result of the absence of melanin. She struck a modelling career and is one of the highest-paid models in America. She also loves to sing and shares them on YouTube.

NIKIA PHOENIX They say that only white people get freckles. But in the case of Nikia, a dark-skinned Black-American, she developed freckles all over her face. Her unusual skin condition resulted for her to ace a wonderful career on modelling. She also empowers African women to embrace their beauty and their color on her blog.

CONNIE CHIU From Hong Kong comes another albino beauty who has been dubbed as “The World’s First Albinistic Beauty” in the modelling world. She moved to Sweden and studied Arts and Journalism. Later on, at the age of 24, she started modelling for famous fashion designers and is regarded as one of the most highly-acclaimed fashion models of haute couture.

WINNIE HARLOWE Winnie suffers from a rare skin condition called vitiligo. It results into the appearance of white patches on a dark skin caused by a lack in melanin. It is the same as the condition of the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Bullied on her early years because of her appearance, Winnie contemplated suicide until she was discovered by Tyra Banks. She is now one of the most in-demand top models in the current century.

KHOUDIA DIOP Known as the “Melanin Goddess”, Khoudia is proud and beautiful on her own skin color: a mixture of silvery black color luminescent with a hint of blue gleam. The 19-year-old Senegalese model is unlike any other because of her beautiful black skin color. She pursues a campaign on embracing African and black beauty as match up to those who say that white is better than black.