3rd Largest Snake in the World Discovered in the Sierra Madre Philippines


Rumors are spreading that the Philippines houses the most dangerously large wild predators that feeds on both livestock and humans. Apparently, after the capture of Lolong from Agusan Del Sur, another predator has been reported found somewhere in Aurora.

source: Youtube/ GMA / Jessica Soho

A similar news has been spread all around the internet originating from Indonesia. A video went viral regarding a footage of a python that swallowed whole a missing farmer. Apparently, the farmer went out to go by himself on the woods. Soon, he didn’t come back home for days and off his village went to find him. There they found a large reticulated python, about 7 ft. in length! The snake encased the cadaver of the Indonesian farmer inside its belly. But it seems that these

source: Youtube/ GMA/ Jessica Soho

kinds of pythons don’t just exist in Indonesia, but all in the mountains of the Philippines.

In Casiguran, Aurora. In the mountain ranges of Sierra Madre, it has been a talk of the town that it is the home of a terrible, man-eating monster. A photo of a python was shared online and immediately went viral: People are holding up a snake skin, so long that it takes seven people to hold it together.

The photo was taken in 1970 by American anthropologist, Thomas Headland. The anthropologist happened to live with the Agta tribe of Aurora in 1962, and stumbled upon what the tribe members have found deep within the forest. It turns out that it is a snake, a reticulated python, that could reach a weight of 75 kilograms and length of more than 7 meters! But due to the dangers that it imposes to their tribe and to their livestock, Edna (a member of the Agta tribe), told that they captured the snake, killed it and cooked it for food.

However, both species are in danger because of this. Pythons that grow this large are being captured and killed due to its massive weight and size, and the danger it could inflict to humans and other animals. And due to the modernization and people entering the mountains, the existence of these large pythons have grown less likely the ones reported hereafter. Pythons are being hunted and killed that only small-scale snakes are now existing within the mountains of Sierra Madre.