12 Dangerous Sleeping Habbits That is Bad To Your Health


Sleep is the best form of rest to boost our energy and according to studies, sleeping does not only help in relieving our stress but also it rejuvenates our glow that’s why sleeping is considered as the ultimate beauty rest.

In the fast pace of how we live today, having a complete sleep which take about 8 to 10 hours is very hard to maintain especially during weekdays, the days that we need to set our alarms early in the morning to catch up with our daily schedules in work or in school.

So we have listed the 12 bedtime habbits that are extremely dangerous to health. Watch the full video below.

So if in case you are suffering from these dilemmas or just want to prevent this to happen in your self, we suggest that you read this.With our toxic lifestyle, how can we be sure that we can still have a complete and sound sleep. Here are the 12 habits you should avoid in order to address our problem on having a good rest:

1. Do not forget to use your blanket or night socks when you sleep because keeping your feet warm will help you to achieve sound sleep.
2. Do not eat 2 hours before you go to bed. If your stomach is full before you sleep, your system will be active to digest your food which prevent your body to prepare to sleep.
3. Do not take caffeinated drinks especially coffee 4 hours before you sleep.
4. Do not deprive yourself from investing for good and high mattress. Obviously, if your bed feels comfortable, you will fall asleep in no time.
5. Do not read books before you sleep because it would make your brain active which might lead to registration of more thoughts in your mind.
6. Do not forget to dim the lights since dimmer surroundings promote some kind of a vibe of wanting to sleep.
7. Do not forget to sleep on time in order to not disrupt your body clock.
8. Do not drink fluids 1-2 hours before you sleep to prevent waking up in the middle of the night just to pee.
9. Do not check or browse your phone minutes before your sleep because same as reading books, it would activate your brain to think too much and never feel sleepy again.
10. Do not exercise 3 hours before bed time because it will keep your whole system awake.
11. Do not sleep on your stomach and back. Sleeping sideways will help to have a sound sleep.
12. Do not forget to do your usual routine to prepare your body to rest.