11 Genius Life Hacks That Can Save You Anytime


Here are the 11 Genius Life Hacks That Can Save Everyone in Any Given Time

Have you ever experienced difficulty trying to make things work out easier than they should be? Had troubles trying to lock up that bracelet that would always try and fall off your wrist? How about troubles in conquering the mess of the house that seemed to be endlessly getting on your nerves without possible solutions? Worry not! Because we have here some LIFE HACKS that would make your everyday life easier and make you a total game-changer! Here are the life hacks we have for you:

11 genius life hacks

1.  DIY Nail-polish remover using a jar and a sponge. Cotton balls and acetone is quite hassle and a total waste of resources because you throw your cotton balls away soon after use. To stop wasting money and remover, get a small jar and some pieces of sponge. Cut the sponge into pieces to fill-in the jar. Afterwards, pour on your acetone or nail-polish remover onto the sponge inside the jar and begin to dip your nails into the jar to remove the nail-polish. It’s super clean and super easy!

2. Bra straps peeking through tank tops. The summer heat is absolutely slaying and you just want to wear tank tops on a daily basis. For girls who are athletic and those who just want to wear something comfy, bra straps often peek outside the shoulders which is quite an eyesore. So the solution is to take a paperclip and hook the straps at the back together and wear like usual. It’s easy, fast and cheap solution to rather than just buy a special tank top strap.

3. Lost tape end means end of the world. It’s such a hassle whenever you lost the end of a tape and it feels like the end of the world and it often gets on your nerves. The solution? Take a paperclip and stick it on the end. Voila! Problem solved.

4. Bracelet lock hack. Some bracelets need locking and often if you’re alone, you just got to wear it on your own but it often gets in the way especially bracelets often fall off our wrists when we try to lock it on our own. There are two easy ways to successfully lock it on your own: First one is to take a paperclip, twist it on an S-shape and hook the first end of the bracelet on its loop then lock it in place; Second way is to take a tape and tape in place one end of the bracelet leaving the locking loop loose then lock in place.

5. The Paperclip Screwdriver. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to have a mini screwdriver on hand so what you can do in place of it is to take a paperclip, hammer flat one end of it and use it like a screwdriver.

6. The clingy cling-wrap. Cling-wrap or food wrap is commonly used to seal the freshness of a food. There are a lot of ways this food wrap can come in handy: 1) Wrap it around the rim of a glass of juice and punch a straw in place. This way, you won’t have to worry about it spilling when you bump over it; 2) Wrap around phone when your hands are doing dirty work, whether it is while cooking or doing painting to keep your phone clean and mess-free; 3) Spilling baby oils on luggage is a mess, to keep it secure, wrap a food wrap around the nozzle of the bottle while it is open then close it in place to avoid spilling; 4) Sealing freshness if one key. Wrap around the tip of bananas to keep it fresh as well as wrapping it around the ends of fresh flowers to prevent it from drying down easily; 5) Put it on a roll-on paint palette before pouring paint over for easy cleaning; 6) Loose-zippered trolley bags can be solved by wrapping it all over with this wrap before going to the airport for less hassle.

7.Keeping mess in control when drilling. Drilling holes in walls is a complete dust mess. The solution? Take a paper, fold in in half then open it again, tape one side of it on the wall under the drill, then start drilling. This way, you can keep the dust at bay since the paper will catch all the dust under the drill. When drilling on a ceiling, punch a paper cup on the drill then start drilling.

8.The Bubblegum Hair solution. It gets annoying when a gum sticks on your hair, so what you can do (aside from complaining) is buy a coke or soda, pour it on a bowl and start dipping your hair onto it. The gum would come off easily.

9.Cutter butt sharpener. This is a not so famous knowledge about cutters. When a cutter gets dull, it could be cut on the dents on its blade. But how? Take the butt of the cutter (usually black in color) and snap the blade off using it.

10.Drinking soda cleaner. Soda is bae! Aside from replenishing thirst, there are numerous uses and one is for cleaning purposes! Pour a can of soda into a yellowed toilet bowl, leave it for a good 30 minutes and flush off. It should already be pristine white and clean!

11.Sprite keeps flower “Tale as old as Time”. Aside from replenishing thirst, Sprite can come in handy by sharing it on a fresh bundle of flowers. Pour a can of it enough to fill in a vase, dip the ends of the flowers and soak it there. Flowers can stay fresh for as long as 10 days. Who knew this would be a cool “Beauty and the Beast” hack? (Maybe the Beast was an avid fan of Sprite to maintain his magical rose fresh?)

These five-minute life hacks will truly change your game and will surely make your everyday living easy-peasy-pumpkin-pie! Try it out and see what it can do for you or which method works best .